System of Equations Videos

This page is intended for Math 8 students while learning the systems of equations unit.

These are the links needed for each lesson.

Khan Academy Systems of Equations Index

General overview:

1 Video: Trolls, Tolls, and systems of equations Go

Solving Systems by Graphing:

2 Video: Solving the Troll Riddle Visually Go
3 Video: Solving Systems Graphically Go
4 Interactive: Graphing Systems of Equations Go

The Substitution Method:

11 Video: Talking Bird solves with Substitution Go
12 Video: Practice using substitution Go
13 Interactive: Using substitution for Systems Go

Solving Systems with Simple Elimination:

5 Video: King's cupcakes - solving by elimination Go
7 Video: Simple Elimination practice Go
8 Interactive: Systems of Equation with Simple Elimination Go

Solving Systems with multiplication and Elimination:

6 Video: How many Bags of Potato Chips? Go
9 Video: Systems with Elimination Practice Go
A Video: Addition elimination method 2 Go
10 Interactive: Systems of Equations with Elimination Go

Using either Substitution Method or Elimination Method:

14 Interactive: Systems of Equations Go
15 Interactive: Systems of Equations - word problems Go

Special Types of Systems of Equations:

B Video: Addition elimination method 3 Go
C Video: Special types of Linear systems Go
D Interactive: Systems with one, zero, or infinite sol'n Go