Using Blitzer's Pre-Calculus Text

Functions & Transformations

1. First Project: Yours Truly
  • link to Desmos and generate the equations to write your first name
  • paste this into the equation as a demo of modifying the domain
  • Desmos has an app to use it on a cell phone if needed.

2. create folder match or cut up match for 5 basic functions
  • quadratic, AV, rational, cubic, square root
  • equation, graph, description of transformation

Ch 2 Polynomials & Rational Functions

Review of Complex Number at Khan Academy
  • Use this overview to practice adding, subtracting, and multiplying complex numbers
  • Click on the stars to practice, or watch the videos if you need more explanation


1. Learn row echelon and reduced row echelon by hand, and on the calculator
2. Then try the 3D graping website to see what a 3 variable equations looks like.(1. 5 days), and when you add the 3rd variable, how do the transformations change the shape of the curved plane.
3. Note - its not an app that shows the solutions. It can only show one equation at a time.


1. resources:
  • Easy way to remember trig identities here
  • Cheat sheet of all trig things here
2. Unit Circle ideas
  • In which quadrant is sin, cos, tan positive? The amazing unit circle
    • All students take calculus hint
  • exact trig values, practiced in trig cut-ups
  • start with 2x2 puzzle themselves
  • 4 by 4 with degrees here and solve it in pairs

3. Graphing periodic trig functions

4. Trig identities and solving trig equations

Polar Coordinates (6-7 days)

1. Spirograph models - spend 2 days to start with the spirographs and using desmos to mimic those pictures.
  • spirograph- 2 wheels, colored pen, blob of sticky stuff, and ring in baggie
  • spirograph Nathan Friend Website
  • Desmos - change wrench in upper rt corner to polar graphs
  • use the front of the conference lady's ws and describe what they see, then the instructions are on the back

2. Teach chapter content
  • Polar graphing explore - Meg Craig - on desmos
  • Bagel award lesson
  • how polar graphs relate to trig circle, graph of r=theta and what that means
  • exact values of trig functions
  • translate rect to polar and back

3. Then return to desmos for serious graphing practice

4. Other Ideas -


  • create matching game - or folder match with graph, equation in 2 forms, and vertex or center point
  • Desmos conic package

Introduction to Calculus

  1. All of Calculus in 20 minutes

Physics Fridays

Euler's Number e

Slope of a tangent line to an exponential curve interactive
Euler's number e from Math is Fun
E is everywhere video
Short black marker description of e

Graphing resource here

College Pre-Calculus (Blitzer edition)

Blitzer's College Pre-Calculus Text as pdf
Prof Bowen's syllabus at Ventura College
Quizlets from another teacher

Larson Hostetler Edwards Pre-Calculus text