Math Tools - Internet resources for solving math problems:

Graphing paper of all types from Mathbits
Graphing calculator Desmos
Math gifs - small video clips for illustrating concepts at the Mathwarehouse
Geogebra premade resources
Where to learn GeoGebra from
Geogebra materials from Michelle Connolly

Geometry Resources:

Geometry Common Core by Mike
video constructions

Merry Andrews musical song "The square of the Hypotenuse"
Pythagorean water wheel
Pythagorus in 2 minutes 2
Emma pythagorean theorem proof
Not knowing pythagorus will cost you money

Algebra 2 Resources:

emath instructions text online

Pre-Calculus Resources:

XYZ eBooks: Precalculus
Rice University OpenStax Pre-calculus text
Cool Math Website
The Math Page: Topics in pre-calculus


Statistics 101 by Brandon Foltz listed by Setia Budi
Table of Contents for Brandon Foltz

Graphing activities

Text Resources:

Curriculum, standards lesson plans, assessments at New visions
PMI NJ Mathematics Website
Mathbits notebook
Mathispower4u videos by James Sousa
TI-84 activities from their website
Maryland State website
Utah's State website
NY Engage modules
Buy and sell used textbooks at
Foldable book with pdfs to download at the Outstanding Math Guide
Kagan cooperative learning structures and ideas


Mr. P's puzzle link
Play Mastermind online
Mastermind with history
Bingo and Jeopardy Review Games
Math Facts and Games- recommended my Mr. Cutting

Active Math Labs:

Ms. Falk's Math site - Nerf testing etc.

Seasonal & Inspirational Math:

January 6 - The golden ratio

February 7 - Euler's number e

March 14 - Pi Day

Math Organizations:

Math's Mate Skill Builder Download When you need extra practice on a Math's mate concept, find the skills builder link from term 1 (or 2, 3, 4) chart, then go here and download the worksheets needed. Answers are
also available here.

Kahn Academy Scroll down and pick any of the math topics to see a video demonstrating how to solve the problems.

SAT Test Practice Provides practice for all 4 levels of SAT math questioning. Video lessons are included.

Wolf Ram Alpha Wolf ram alpha: This gives information on any math topic, provides a graph for any function, and solves equations.

Algebra Balance Scale for solving equations This provides you hands on experience for solving equations using a balance.

ABCya! Website Educational games for all subjects, including math (up to grade 5). Good site for practice of decimals, percents, equal fractions, and other core skills for middle school.