Geometry Resources

Early Units.....

1. Copy angles construction
2. Perpendicular at a point on a line
3. Perpendicular to a line from an external point

Transformations Unit

  1. Quizlet Quizlet on transformation rules
  2. Song for Transformation rules to

Parallel Lines Unit

1. Construct parallel lines by copying corresponding angles video
2. Parallel line through a point - rhombus method
3. Perpendicular at the endpoint of a ray

Triangle Unit

1. Triangle Inequality Interactive Lab using Geogebra
2. Copy a triangle construction

Trigonometry Unit

Congruent Triangles Unit

1. Recognizing congruent triangles with Mathbits Notebook
2. Congruent proofs with Mathbits Notebook
3. Manipulate triangles to determine which result in triangle congruence. GO

Circles Unit

1. equation of a circle using desmos
2. Mr. Collins Math Blog circle hula hoops
3. Mr. Reddy Math blog circle hula hoops
4. Prezi on circles - note the error on inscribed angles! Another Prezi showing real applications and math explanations.
5. Describe a career or life situation that uses circle theorems - students' responses

6. Geogebra from Michelle - Circle Unit

Measuring & Models Unit

1. various 2D paper shapes on a power drill (run at 2x speed)
2. Triangle rotated to be a cone using Geogebra (run at 2x speed)
2. Solids of revolution - square root functions

Probability Unit

Regents review of Constructions - videos:

Jan 2017 #25 triangle reflected over line construction video
Aug 2016 #32 constructing a dilation of a triangle video
Jan 2016 #34 constructing congruent triangles video
Aug 2016 #28 Construct a triangle's median video
Jan 2017 #33 construct a hexagon inscribed in a circle video
June 2015 #25 Constructing a square inscribed in a circle video
June 2016 # 31 constructing a tangent to a circle video
Aug 2015 #26 constructing an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle video or construction

Regents review: