Business Math 11

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Chapter 1: Income - Employment
  1. Get to Know Yourself: 16 trait personality test here
  2. Start Looking at Career Ideas: The Princeton Review Career aptitude test to determine your 2 color areas that point to career choices. It uses 24 easy questions with only 2 choices each to screen your preferences and narrow your job options to a few choices.
  3. Dig Deeper into Career Ideas: What career is right for me? - Career aptitude test looks at your skills and preferences on 4 short pages of questions, then gives matching jobs. Takes about 10 minutes to complete.
  4. Explore Careers: website - get the details and salary on any career you're interested in.
  5. Learn How to Become to get the details for your Career project

  • Variety of personality and career tests here
Chapter 2: Net Income - Taxes & Deductions

Chapter 3: Budget
  • Fixed expenses and variable expenses game
  • Money lessons

Chapter 4 : Checking Accounts
  • The mint checking account game
  • finance in the games

Chapter 5: Savings Accounts

Chapter 6 : Cash Purchases
  • Unit pricing for shopping interactive via PBS
Chapter 7: Credit Cards

Mini Project: Finance & Responsible Lending - PBS lesson link

Chapter 8 Loans:

Chapter 13 Personnel:

13.1 Hiring New Employees
  • 4 things to do before hiring a new employee Dave Crenshaw
  • Labor markets & minimum wage - why are people paid what they are paid? by Crash course
  • Mock interviews
  1. How a teen should interview for a job
  2. Learning of one's strengths & weaknesses
  3. List of 15 possible questions for HS senior job interviews from Everyday Interview Tips

13.2 Administering Wages & Salaries
  • How to negotiate a salary on the spot from eHow and Pat Goodman and Associates
  • youtubeSteve Jobs talks about managing people

Year Long Review


Financial Algebra Resources:

Course description from Fulsom
Powerpoints for chapters from S. Davis
Lessons from - 1st edition