Unit 3 - Linear Functions, Equations, and their Algebra

Quadratics Unit

Exponents & Logarithms

  • Intro to "e" and natural logarithms by mathbits

Polynomial Unit

  • Intro

Rational Unit

Mathbits NotebookRationals Unit

Trigonometry Unit

Unit Circle and Graphing interactive plus lessons!
In which quadrant is a trig function positive? amazing unit circle
  • All Students take Calculus hint
  • Unit circle streamers
  • generate a large unit circle, marking special angles with different color streamers radiating out
  • kids can walk to various radian or degree measures
  • give them address location card to walk to
  • standing at (x,y) locations, calculate the sin and cos of the angle

Khan Academy Trigonometry unit
Spaghetti Sine curve project

Graphing periodic trig functions

Probability & Statistics Unit

Using normalcdf(min,max, mean, std. dev.) on Ti-84 with mathbits (mainly example #1)

Better Explained lessons
Probability of sets examples from Math-only-math
Online Statistics Education book http://onlinestatbook.com/Online_Statistics_Education.pdf
Beginning Statistics, with color, pictures and problems, published as Beginning Statistics
Against All Odds video statistics with student guides

Regents Review

  • PBS Review review video
  • Short videos of every single topic in Algebra 2